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Working Papers

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Blogs and Newspaper Articles

Kulyk (2020). Вибір у часи пандемії: що громадяни пропонують робити державі.[Choice in times of pandemic: what citizens want the states to do ]. Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Google translated English version.

Sasse (2020). The Uneven First Year of Zelenskiy’s Presidency. Carnegie Europe. (May 19, 2020)

Sasse (2020). Selenskyj hat es verpasst, seine Partei zu konsolidieren und die Regierung zu stärken [Zelensky failed to consolidate his party and strengthen the government]. Ukraine-Analysen. Ausgabe 234 (May 15, 2020). Google translated English version.

Hale,  Kulyk, Onuch and  Sasse (2020). Ukraine’s citizens worry about covid-19. And they still have to worry about the war. The Washington Post Monkey Cage.

Onuch, Sasse, Hale, Kulyk and Santos (2020). Will The Protesters Return? Civil Disobedience In The Time Of Covid-19. Political Violence At A Glance Blog.

 Sasse (with Kulyk, Hale, and Onuch) (2020). ZOiS Spotlight 21/2020 by Gwendolyn Sasse. ZOiS Spotlight.


Coming soon, when available we will add links

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