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Working Papers

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Blogs and Newspaper Articles

Onuch and Santos (2020). “¿Volveremos A Las Calles? Disposición A Protestar Durante La Pandemia.” [Return to the Streets?: The Disposition to Protest Durring a Pandemic]. Agenda Publica. El Pais. Google translated English version.

Sasse (with Kulyk, Hale, and Onuch) (2020).ZOiS Spotlight 21/2020 by Gwendolyn Sasse. ZOiS Spotlight.

Onuch, Sasse, Hale, Kulyk and Santos (2020). Will The Protesters Return? Civil Disobedience In The Time Of Covid-19. Political Violence At A Glance Blog.

Hale,  Kulyk, Onuch and  Sasse (2020). Ukraine’s citizens worry about covid-19. And they still have to worry about the war. The Washington Post Monkey Cage.

Sasse (2020). Selenskyj hat es verpasst, seine Partei zu konsolidieren und die Regierung zu stärken [Zelensky failed to consolidate his party and strengthen the government]. Ukraine-Analysen. Ausgabe 234 (May 15, 2020). Google translated English version.

Sasse (2020). The Uneven First Year of Zelenskiy’s Presidency. Carnegie Europe. (May 19, 2020)

Kulyk (2020). Вибір у часи пандемії: що громадяни пропонують робити державі.[Choice in times of pandemic: what citizens want the states to do ]. Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Google translated English version.


Onuch O., Kulyk V., Hale H., Sasse G. (2020). “IBIF Project Technical Report: National Representative Survey of the Ukrainian Population April 2020.” Identity and Borders in Flux (IBIF): The Case of Ukraine.  See:

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